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Upcoming Events: May 2021 

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of upheaval and uncertainity, fear and frustration. But we've also seen a lot of good small acts of kindness, solidarity, and resilient hope. Any Perios of change provides oppurtunities as much as challenges, and we want to use this time to reflect, rest, and reaffirm our commitment to working on shared values with the UK.

But what are those values? US Embassy London is continuing our speaker series, "Who is Our Neighbour?" in collaboration with the London Central Mosque and Tuff Earth, in an attempt to answer that question and discuss how we work toward building the kind of societies we want to be, together. The past 14 months, the world has been united in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. With both the US and UK rolling out vaccination schedules, some of the challenges are behind us, while others remain.
We're using this time to reflect on how the pandemic has exposed healthcare disparities, shone  a light on mental health, and engendered community spirit with this next session: Public Health & Compassion. We
be speaking with Weyu Hodge of Centerin Healthcare Institute and Dr. Shamender Talwar, co-founder of TUFF.Earth. Join us for the discussion on May 5 at 3:30pm BST

Weyu Hodge is an implementation advisor with Centering Healthcare Institute and brings over a decade of experience working to improve recial and health disparities for communities across borders. She is a native New Yorker with a passion for working with communities of color on the ground by building local capacity, creating monitoring and evaluation tools, as well as through social justice advocacy. Her work across Africa, Latin America, and the United Stated involves engaging medical providers and local governments to improve access to medical care and address social inequities. Weyu's life work reflects her entrepreneurial spirit for innovative sustainable ideas that centers global
human rights and justice. She is passionate about sustainable solutions that empower black and brown communities all over the world

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Book Publication : September 2021 


Books will begin shipping in late spring 2021. Both printing and shipping are running very slowly, so plwease allow ample time. 
Hinddsight is 2020 is a collection of work based around the trauma of 2020. The difficult, the challenging, the earth-shattering, the beautiful, the hopeful. In conjunction with The Head and The Press, we workes with 12 writers to collect their 
perspectives on a time that will forever be etched in our minds. 
Instructor and guest editor Prof. Quinn D. Eli. Edited by Linda Galant. With pieces by: 

  • Jessica Brroks

  • Cecila Castro

  • Lucia Herrmann

  • Weyu Hodge

  • Jonathan Koven

  • Oni Lasana

  • Rorisang Moerane

  • Carolyn Redmon Cassidy Rose 

  • Jennifer Schneider

  • Dixon Speaker

  • Vee White

Podcast Release: Fall 2021

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