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Are you NGO or Global Health Organization?
Are you looking to gain insight into how to improve your workplace culture? 


"I have had the privilege of working directly with Weyu on a number of occasions. I have worked in the DEI profession long enough to know that great partners make a world of difference in persisting through the work. As meaningful as DEI work is, it's also emotionally taxing. In working with Weyu, I discovered a true partner who not only cared about impacting our clients but cared about my well being as well. At times when I would have otherwise not felt seen, Weyu made me feel seen. And that cannot be measured. She invests time in getting to know her clients' needs and organizes her work with professionalism and care. She is a skilled communicator and has a knack for creating ease, even with sensitive facilitation topics. I miss working with her!"

Dr Christopher Riddick, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Senior Leader

The Guarantee

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Unique Approach

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